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Liam rose up and switched to Nate’s other side. There he pulled the darker-toned man into a fierce kiss that damn near set the room on fire.

Mother of God, they were too damn sexy. Lips locked, and hands roamed. Each had a cock in one hand and the other latched onto his partner’s neck. Hips jerked as lust ignited between them. They probed and licked at each other until Nate pushed the leonine god back into the cushions and sank between his legs. A groan slipped free from Liam when Nate swallowed his shaft.

Breath staggered to a halt in her lungs at the sight of Nate swirling his tongue around the crown of a spectacular cock. He pulled back and lapped at it like an ice-cream cone from before The Wave, BTW. Would he taste as sweet? Oh shit. She was in so much trouble. Her nipples pebbled, and her pussy soaked through her undies again. Watching turned out to be much hotter than she could have prepared for.

Liam’s golden hands cupped Nate’s dark head and pushed him down over the swollen length to meet his hips surging upward. Lost in abandon, he roughly fucked Nate’s mouth as though he wanted nothing more than to finish right there. Nate shoved away his partner, drawing a growled protest. “Damn it, Nate.”

“No, I need you inside me.” Nate grabbed the other man and hauled him into a demanding kiss. Bel swore more was left unspoken. Because of me? Neither of them offered up much until she asked questions. Liam proved to be a man of few words, and Nate said a lot and yet nothing much of substance.

“Ottoman. On your back.”

Compliance came immediately while Liam crossed the room to retrieve something from a drawer. A pot of viscous, homemade lube seemed the obvious answer. Using two fingers, he scooped up some of the substance and reached between Nate’s thighs. “Spread your cheeks.”

Again, immediate compliance. Shit, she had to resist the urge to follow his every command. What the hell? She’d never met such an intense and dominant man. Liam embodied everything her father wanted to be—and failed.

He shoved two fingers into Nate and pumped in and out with long, strong strokes.

“More, Liam. I need more.”

“I know. Hang on.” The tenderness in his tone sliced through her lust and made her aware of the unspoken conversation. Clearly, much went unsaid between the two, and yet their connection felt strong, so palpable, physical touch seemed unnecessary. Though wholly enjoyed. He added a third finger, stretched, and worked the dark Beast open.

“Look at me, Nate.”

Submission, respect, and love shone in storm-gray eyes. The powerful emotions were too much. She needed to leave. She didn’t belong there, a witness to such an intimate moment between the men. It felt special, intense. Interloper, screamed through the chaotic whirl of her thoughts. Worse than an interloper, she was an intruder.

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One Night With A Cowboy (Books 1-4)

Taking Her Chance
Elizabeth Torrence decided to finally do something about the sad state of her personal life, but she never expected the one she walked away from to be her blind date. Former rodeo cowboy Chance Rogers makes her pulse pound, but is she too determined not to repeat past mistakes? Or will she take her second chance?

Claiming His Cowgirl
Cassie Truhart is too busy with life and the Golden Mustang Dude Ranch to worry about love. Trent Jones agreed to a blind date with no expectation of finding a woman that would rouse every dominant instinct he possessed, much less love. Now he must discover if one night with a cowboy is long enough for him to claim his cowgirl.

A Cowboy’s Christmas Wish
When rancher Ford Grayson saunters out of Melissa Adams’ past and into her bar, she’s determined to take him for a ride and kick him to the curb. Payback’s a bitch. But, the cowboy is determined to make his very own Christmas wish come true

Roping His Cowboy
John Brigham and Shane Goodson have been long time roping partners and best friends. But, after a drunken kiss everything changes. The question is, can Shane snag the cowboy of his heart or will he get away?

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