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BeastsMCMy sexy new story for the Beyond Fairytales line is still in edits…but I can tell you a little about it. Love & Punishment, Tales From Epsilon is the first book in a series I plan to write in a post-apocolyptic world where motorcycle gangs run territories and a tribal council rules over all of what was San Diego, CA. Oh and it’s Beauty and the Beast with a twist.

Once upon a time…

Bel was a happy girl with loving parents. Now she lives for revenge. At her father’s urging a plan is set in motion which quickly spins out of control. Expecting to be used and abused by The Beasts MC, who are known for their orgiastic ways, she is prepared to accept her fate in order to execute her mission.

The time has come to even the score with the men responsible for her mother’s death.

Nate and Liam, leaders of The Beasts, have their hands full ensuring the survival of their people as they sell Beast Brew to survive in a city crumbling around them. When a Rose MC member is plucked from their care the laws of Epsilon demand the perpetrator forfeit his life. But then the leader of The Devil’s Disciples’ daughter offers herself in exchange for his life, and they can’t refuse the beauty’s plea.

Once she’s pressed between them they know their keeping her for their own, but first they must figure out why she’s there.

So for my little giveaway, I’m offering up a $5 gift card to one of these ebook stores: Amazon, B&N, ARe, Kobo, iBooks. Just comment below and tell me what your favorite fairy tale is!

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6 thoughts on “#BeyondFairytales Blog Hop!

  1. landragraf says:

    Yay! You know, great minds think alike. I’ve been asking commenter’s their favorite fairytale too. I’ll be honest I have a lot of favorites. I’m a fairy tale sucker, big time. But at the end of the day I can watch Disney Cinderella all the time. 🙂

    I mean… ever seen a cat-cat?

    Now, my other thing… this Beauty and the Beast re-telling is ingenious, scorching hot, and I got the chance to beta read. 😉 Can’t wait for release day.

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