Here’s What I’ve Been Up To…

Well, I’ve been a busy girl…still am. But I wanted to take a minute to tell you about a couple of new things I’ve created to help me interact with you more.

First, I’ve created a review crew/street team hybrid thingy that will allow you to get the inside scoop on stuff I’m working plus give you a chance to receive free books from me in return for some help. Go check out my Sorcha’s Sirens page for more details!

Second, I’ve created a group to allow us a live interaction and as a place to host chats etc. I’ve used the Google version of the ever familiar Yahoo Groups, and honestly I think I like it a lot better. Feels cleaner to me. Anyway, if you’d like to chat, ask me a question, or just talk about books you love come on over. You can click here or scroll down to the bottom to find a link (if you are a member the group threads will be visible).

Best Wishes For A Sizzling Good Time!