New Review for Love Revealed!

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Just wanted to share a new review of Love Revealed…4 out of 5 paddles at BDSM Book Reviews! All in all, it was a good review and I am pleased with it.

I have to say I am always happy when review sites add spoiler alerts in their reviews. I wouldn’t want an unsuspecting reader to have a book ruined for them.

While there are plenty of spoilers in the review, the gist of it is that she liked the book. Of course, being a lover of words I have a favorite quote:

As a person who identifies as a dominant, sometimes reading about male Doms can be annoying. But this didn’t happen at all while reading this novella.

Glad to hear Heath isn’t annoying. LOL! I really appreciate Elizabeth’s review…okay, so I appreciate all reviews. Go check it out and see what she said.