Heath is Going on a Blind Date!!!

So Heath (Love Revealed) got asked on a blind date. What? How you ask? Well, just head on over to Scorching Book Reviews tomorrow (March 3rd) and vote for him! If he wins then he moves to the next round of the speed dating competition.

Tomorrow is the start of our Blind Speed Dating Event. This will see some of my favorite authors make their characters battle it out to win your votes and be crowned the perfect Blind Date..There are 6 rounds, each with 3 authors competing. The winners of these rounds will go onto to compete against each other in two Semi Final’s. Then there is one overall final showdown between the top two voted characters! As this is a speed dating event, there will be a time limit of 48 hrs for each voting round. There are many many prizes up for grabs which you will be entered for when you cast your vote! 🙂 If you want to know more about any character, click on the link next to their name.

Be sure to head over there and show Heath some love! He has some stiff *cough* competition and will need your help! So tell your friends, followers, fellow pinners, whoever to go vote for our favorite man!