Love Revealed is Out Today!

I am super excited that you all can finally read Heath and Kat’s story. 🙂 There are 2 chances to win a copy:
1) Decadent Publishing blog – Daily Dose of Decadence where I am talking about Decadence, Vice, & the Victorians.
2) Silken Sheets & Seduction – Where I am squuueeeeing and other undignified things. 😉

The Market: Love Revealed (Buy it!)

Decadent Publishing

Release Date: 2/3/2012

Lady Katherine Drummond plays by society’s rules, even after the Ton turns on her. Shunned by her peers, she keeps up appearances by day but allows her true self out in the privacy of The Market. There, in the arms of one man, she comes alive. So much so, she signs a contract to be his for six months. Despite never having seen his face and knowing him only as Sir, she fears losing her heart to the man who breaks through her defenses.

Lord Raymond Tarkenton, the Earl of Heathington, despises being one of the most sought after bachelors of the Ton. He could never ask a woman of his circle to submit to his sexual needs, and a mistress would never be an option. For now, one masked woman at The Market holds his undivided attention. When he realizes that his masked lover and Lady Katherine Drummond are one and the same, he must find a way to convince her that they are bound together by more than the straps at her wrists and the contract they signed. He must reveal himself and his love to her. But will she accept him for more than a sexual escape.

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