Author Interview – Em Petrova

I’d like to welcome Em Petrova to the blog today. Kick back and meet her, then meet her latest cast of characters. Enjoy!

How long have you been writing?
Since I was twelve years old, but I didn’t get serious about being published until a few years ago when I was thirty-one…again.

What genres do you write besides erotic romance?
I write across the erotic romance genre, from contemporary to paranormal to BDSM to westerns. I’m true to the characters. Even if they tell me their story is GLBT, I listen to them. I also write mainstream paranormal under the name Em Peters. My first book MOON CHILD releases in October.

What inspired your main characters?
My heroine in SKIN TRUTH, available now from Ellora’s Cave, was born from the painful emotions of a woman who’s been dumped. I grabbed onto that notion and stretched it to the limits. I asked what would happen if she went a little crazy? Or her sadness manifested itself differently than the average woman? Kat Sredinsky doesn’t wallow in a pint of Cherry Garcia. She takes control of her life with the help of a toy catalog.

The hero Daniel seems like a typical corporate bigwig who’s just not into her, but soon he reveals his secret life… and a passion for leather.

Do you write to music? If so what was the sound track to SKIN TRUTH?
I always have Tori Amos and Bush playing on my iPod. But this story needed something a little darker and edgier. I found myself listening to Apocalyptica’s tributes to Metallica. The haunting tones of the cello mingled with the harsh Metallica pieces seemed the perfect fit for this darker book from Ellora’s Cave’s TABOO line.

Where do you write?
I have a small corner of a multi-purpose room I call my office. My desk sits beneath a stuffed caribou which my husband shot. I like to think it adds that certain grit to my writing.

What is the most you have written in one day?
16,000 words. No, I’m not making that up. When I started a post-apocalyptic romance, I couldn’t stop writing. My family was camping and the house was blissfully silent…sigh. On average, I meet a daily goal of 2000-3000 words, but sometimes I stop playing with my Facebook friends and actually pound out a lot more.

What are you currently reading?
My fellow Red Sage, Loose Id and Ellora’s Cave author Suzanne Rock’s HONOR BOUND, released Sept. 1 from Red Sage. Hunky Samurais? Hells yeah!

What is your best guilty pleasure? (By best I mean worst.)
Internet shopping. Most of the time I don’t buy anything, but I love to browse and fill up my shopping cart with amazing clothes, shoes and accessories. On my website, I have an “Obsessions” page, and I change my Shoe of the Week all the time.

What book do you wish you’d written?
Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty series. Ahhhhh… how I love them.

You have to jump out of a plane w/ a holey parachute or edit your 100K MS by hand, what. do. you. do?
This is sort of similar to the question my son asks me all the time while playing bad guys. He holds me at gunpoint and asks, “Surrender or die?” And I choose die every time because I’m. Just. That. Stubborn. So in this case, I’d edit by hand. Did I mention I have a hatred of heights?

Bonus Round:

Coffee/Tea? Coffee with one sugar
Cake/Cookies? Cookies
Coke/Pepsi? Caffeine free Pepsi please
Heels/Flats? Heels! I’m less than five feet tall and I’ll take all the inches I can!
BDB/The Order? Err…neither?
Vampires/Werewolves? Sparkle trumps too much body hair any day
Cats/Dogs? Dogs although I feed feral cats in our neighborhood
Fly/Drive? Drive


Skin Truth
By Em Petrova

When Kat’s boyfriend takes her to an upscale restaurant, she’s certain he’s going to give her the two-carat princess cut she’s always dreamt of. Instead she finds herself being dumped. Thrown into a downward spiral, she ponders his claim that he’s looking for someone who needs him to take control so he can feel complete.

Driven by personal tragedy and determined that she can at least be adventurous between the sheets, Kat embarks on a sexual journey involving titillating phone sex and a growing obsession with the toy catalog. Soon she’s led into the darker world of bondage and whippings, only to be jumped by a group of men with a fascinating and fearless leader. Pushed to her limits, she struggles against the dark seduction. Until she discovers the leader’s secret.

Reader Advisory: Story contains a wee bit of forced sex—or is it?


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  1. Renee Vincent says:

    Great interview, Em! You are a hoot!

    I love your stubborn nature and your dedication to the craft. Your book SKIN TRUTH sounds fantastic! Still amazed at your 16,000 words a day accomplishment. My house is too busy for that! haha

  2. Katalina Leon says:

    OMG! 16k in a day… Em you’re a genetic experiment gone mad! lol
    Wonderful interview, keep running up that hill….
    XXOO Kat

  3. Talina Perkins says:

    You made me laugh with that last one, Em! Great interview!

    I love how you always push the boundaries with your writing. I know every time I sit down with one of your books I will be completely surprised and at times shocked. Such was the case with Trefoil. Wonderful twists and turns to the characters outcomes that I have not seen other authors do. Bravo!!!

    Thank you for being the fabulous author you are, Em! *hugs*

  4. Jean says:

    Great interview, Em. Nice to get to know you better. Like the sound of the new book, too. Wish you lots of luck with it. You are a talented writer, the book should do well!

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