Does Size Matter?

So a single friend of mine was prepping for “the night” you know the one where a new relationship moves to the next level. Well, she called me up and we were deciding all kinds of things…hot tub or no hot tub, underwear, clothes, red or white wine, what movie, etc. In case you were wondering we went with: no hot tub (cause she wasn’t ready to shower with him after), sexy undies but plain bra (didn’t want to set the lingerie bar too high), a casual but cute outfit for a home date, whit wine cause red bothers her, and she let him pick the movie…so there was none. LOL!

All that said, the morning after she was hot to fill me in. Things had gone well…VERY well. In particular our convo centered around size. While she recognized it mattered, she had not considered the matter of girth. I mean, let’s be honest…length is nice but it really comes down to girth. If you are long, but she can’t feel you at all then well…that puts a damper on things. Thickness let’s her know your there, even if you can’t bruise her cervix. (ROFLMAO!)

My friend was raving because she go the best of everything, and she hadn’t realized what a difference it made. So, now I ask the question of you dear readers. Whether in real life or romancelandia…does size matter or is it really the motion of the ocean?