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Hello again! What? No it hasn’t been another month. 😀 Instead, I have another awesome author I want to share with you. Patricia Bates and I met online, and cross paths every so often. I got to read The Viscount’s Prize before it came out. 😛 So, I am excited to have her here today to let me rake her over the coals…I mean interview her.

Her latest release, due out later this month, is called Firecracker! Check out the interview and a blurb for the book after!

How long have you been writing? I respectfully decline to answer for fear of dating myself lol. Actually I started writing poetry at an early age. The middle child of three, I wanted to be big like my sister – and found myself enjoying reading and printing before I hit grade school. I completed my first poem when I was still in grade 2 – wasn’t great but it was mine.

What genres do you write besides erotic historical romance? I’ve written paranormal, contemporary, historical (non-erotic), and am currently looking at writing a fantasy.

Do you write to music? If so what was the sound track to Firecracker? Yes I tend to write to music. Silence kills me. Taking Chances by Celine  Dion and a miscellaneous collection of oldies rock – Bee Gees, Tina Turner, songs sorta blended together lol.

Where do you write? I think its more about where I don’t. If there’s space for a notebook or my behind to curl up and no chance of water damage – I’ll be writing.

What are you currently reading? Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole, and Wasting the Dawn by Nonny

What is your best guilty pleasure? (By best I mean worst.) My $4.00 a bar milk chocolate bars, which may seem minor but when you consider that if I spend more than two-bits on any candy you’ll see why I love them.

What book do you wish you’d written? OMG there are so many. Really all of Kresley Cole’s IAD, Julie Garwood’s Historicals, to be on the same level as them is freaking fantastic.

You have to jump out of a plane w/ a holey parachute or edit your 100K MS by hand, what. do. you. do? LOL – Edit! With a tiny slip of a pencil and a candle that’s about a minute away from dying!

What inspired your main characters? Another book of mine that has since gone out of print had two starr-crossed lovers in it. I wanted something more for them – and so Firecracker was born. Of course I changed things a bit well a lot since I’m playing with actually writing their story but Borderline Sin was defintly the inspiration.

What is your favorite scene? Where she takes him by the belt and says – You’re mine!

What scene did you have to cut that you still love? The morning after – I cut it cause it sorta didn’t fit but I’d love to use it. It was funny, sweetly embarrassing, and kinda snarky to.

What is the one thing you want readers to know about this book? That it was a challenge I gave myself – and no matter how much you may not think you can do something – you’ll always find a way if you have faith – and an amazing editor like mine!

What else are you working on? Currently I’m working on Hunting Sin, a sexy erotic paranormal featuring a Vampire with a twist – she doesn’t drink blood – feeds off her ‘mate’s life force and since he’s an immortal shifter – she’s not likely to go hungry lol.

Bonus Round:

Coffee/Tea? Coffee

Cake/Cookies? Both

Coke/Pepsi? Pepsi

Heels/Flats? Flats

BDB/The Order? BDB

Vampires/Werewolves? Both?

Cats/Dogs? Cats – although I do have two small dogs lol.

Fly/Drive? drive.



The daughter of a slave, Mary Joseph is haunted by images of a stranger in a grey uniform. His eyes are filled with pain and guilt. Beneath the misery is a heat that will engulf her.

Northern Sympathizer, Confederate Captain, Caine Wells is a hunted man. When Caine stumbles on a small, well kept farm nestled within the hills of Virginia his world is rocked by the mysterious Mary – a woman with secrets that sooths his weary soul even as she stokes the fires of his love.

Patricia is gracious enough to offer up a copy of Phantom Pleasure, an ebook, for one lucky commenter! So be sure to leave a comment by midnight PDT and I will draw a winner tomorrow morning.

Phantom Pleasure

Forced into an arranged marriage, Frances MacKenny is murdered on her wedding night. After spending decades haunting her ancestral home, a handsome cowboy arrives. Shedding her one-hundred-fifty-year, self-imposed isolation, she decides to focus all her attention on the sexy male resident.

For the first time in years, Logan Harris has a shot at living his dream by owning the best horse ranch in Virginia. At first, everything appears to be lining up perfectly. But then strange things begin to occur. And when he finds himself longing for beautiful ghost, he fears he’s losing his mind. Can true love transcend death?

Patricia Bates

Other Books by Patricia:

Master’s Mistress In a world of betrayal and murder, a vibrant Celtic slave woman holds the key to her Viking master’s heart. #1 Bestseller for May – Champagne Books

The Viscount’s Prize: A rugged spy, an innocent courtesan and a court bent on destroying them both. Carnal Passions

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  1. Sasha Devlin says:

    I’ve never read a A/A historical and this sounds interesting. I’m so amazed by historical authors because I know I couldn’t do it. I’d throw an iPod in a regency. I also wish I’d written Kresley or Julie’s historicals.

    1. shadowlady Patricia Bates says:

      I have to admit when I first started writing – romance wasn’t it. Animal stories, westerns, cowboys and stagecoaches…but regardless of the topic the period was historical…its a lot of fun to write!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Rylee says:

    I love reading more about authors than what’s normally in the back of the book. Great interview and Firecracker sounds like a great book. I’m actually putting all those books on my TBR list

    1. shadowlady Patricia Bates says:

      Kresley Cole’s Book dark Needs at Night’s Edge is what got me hooked on paranormals. And Nonny’s got a very unique voice – one that I’m definitely going to have to add to my growing list of authors to be read!

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