Welcome Keri Ford – Guest Blogger & New Release

Today I would like to welcome erotic romance author Keri Ford to the blog! She has a new release out called In the Hay, part of her Apple Trail series. But More on that later…lets get to the good stuff, Keri!

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up??

This is a question that haunts Nicolette from In The Hay. She’s always been a follower, you see. Her mother or father suggested dance or piano, she did it. Friends said, “let’s join the softball team!” …she did. Now she’s been in college a few years, changed her major several times and she’s realized it wasn’t so smart to always follow someone else’s desire. What if she picked wrong? Go back to more college? Start over again? Nicolette’s had about enough college and indecision.

Nicolette is one of my favorite heroines I’ve written because like her, I couldn’t answer that question. Oh, sure I had spurts of ideas. Hey, a lawyer! I can argue with the best of them! ..oh wait. There’s all that college and studying… yeah. Even at a young age, I knew I wasn’t built for a lot of book work.

A doctor! Oh wait. That’s the same problem with lawyer. Lots of school and such and no.

A policeman! Except…I don’t much like the idea of getting shot.

A model! No. Too short. Not curvy enough.

That lady who reads the nightly news! I actually did look into this one. For about 3 days I was enrolled in broadcasting. Turns out you have to actually study news and politics to read it. Who knew?

Photography! I always loved taking pictures growing up. I did this for a while. Have the big expensive camera and all to prove it. Turns out, I hated dealing with the photos AFTER I took them. All the ordering and such. Omg. Such. A. Pain.

Teacher! I made it through this for a few semesters. I wanted high school students. But, teaching nowadays isn’t the same as teaching when I was in high school. I wanted no part of standardized testing for the rest of my life. Also, my patience is fairly next to nonexistent. How in the heck did I think I’d survive a classroom????

Chef! I do love to cook. But I don’t eat exotic foods like mushrooms. I knew I’d never make it. To be honest, had I really thought about it, I could have perused baking. I do enjoy that and would enjoy baking for a living even now…but hey, it didn’t really cross my mind at the time.

So you see why I adore Nicolette so much? And what’s funny to me is, I always had my own mind. I always followed my own drumbeat and even still, I couldn’t pick. I was literally pointed in the direction of writing by my husband, or I likely wouldn’t have ever picked that up.

Your turn. Tell me. As a kid could you answer, What do you want to be when you grow up? And did you become what you always wanted?


Check out Keri Ford’s latest release, In The Hay.

….two strangers are visiting Apple Trail. When they get together will they put in roots in this small town or go back to their lives?

It’s been a White Picket Fence life for Nicolette. Charming, but tedious. She graduated high school, raring to go. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems though. The fear of being stuck in a rut, living a dull day-to-day life keeps Nicolette from settling on a career, despite her six years of college. When the chance arrives for her to housesit, she takes opportunity by the horns for a little playtime. She would experience life and find something that would make her happy.

Drew knows exactly what he wants. To run the family construction business. Too bad his dad doesn’t think he’s ready. They make a deal. Drew will help his cousin put up a new fence and after he’s learned hard work, the construction business is his. Drew’s not sure learning how to string fence line together will see him suitable for a career of paper pushing, but he’ll do it.

When Drew meets the wanna-be-free-spirited Nicolette, his determined thoughts of what he’s always worked for begins to sway. Nicolette’s finding the fun in life. But their relationship is temporary. A week tops.

For more about Keri and other books in Apple Trail, please visit her website, www.KeriFord.com

5 thoughts on “Welcome Keri Ford – Guest Blogger & New Release

  1. Rebecca says:

    Growing up I wanted to be a writer, teacher, and doctor. I am techincally a teacher to my two kids and I am working on being a writer.

    Love the post Keri!

  2. arkansascyndi says:

    Because I grew up in a time when career options for women were limited, my “plans” were either teacher or nurse. (actually ended up doing both)

    I had one boss who wanted me to go to med school. NO THANKS. Too much work and honestly? Daily clinic work can be boring.

    writer was never on my radar

  3. Keri Ford says:

    I don’t think I could do all the requirements for a nurse with the patients and such. Cool that you did both–and then some!

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