Saving My Ta-Tas!

Yesterday I had my first mammogram. Whoa! Yep you heard me. I am a 35 year old female with a history of cysts and I am overweight. So, my GYN suggested I should get started on this regular rite of women everywhere. Oh goody.

I scheduled my appointment and pulled on my big girl panties (bras are not permitted). There was a mix of people in the waiting area because the imaging center handled more than just mammograms, but we had our own entrance and private area of the office to actually go in. I think it was a freak thing, but the sub-arctic temperature in the area was NOT a plus. Nevertheless I stripped off my shirt and bra, trading it in for one of those snazzy wrap around tops. (Yes I am being generous.)

Then I was taken in to “The Machine”. Rather innocuous looking really the technician explained everything to me and then had me step up to the plate. (Ha! Ha! Sorry had to do it.) Literally. It is a strange sensation to flop your breast down on a cold plate so that a piece of plastic can come down and squish it. I have to say despite all the stories I have both seen online and heard from women I know…it really wasn’t that bad.

Sure it was awkward, but I can’t say it hurt me at any point. Mind you I have DDDs so I am guessing there is a lot less pulling and stretching required to make it work. Mine just kind of flopped right up there and waited to be made into boobiecakes. Seriously, the worst part is when you kind of have to hug the machine to get the side shots.

After that I got treated to an ultrasound of the left breast to get a better look at the cyst the doctor had found. That was it. A time consuming but not really awful process. I urge all women to do this. It’s just not that bad, not worth the risk of not doing it.

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