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A little about the excerpt I am posting. This is a novella I am drafting, a hot steampunk I will eventually finish. It’s simmering on the back burner for the moment. It is a spin on a Rapunzel tale.

Feel free to comment or critique, I am always open to dialogue about my writing.


Zel said she had not lain with a man, but now suddenly he needed to know if someone had touched her.  Gareth knew it was crazy for her answer to matter so much, but it did. He was a god damn Prince. He had met her only an hour ago for the first time. But for some reason he need to know that he would be the first. The first to initiate her into the pleasures of the flesh. The first to fill her. The first to claim her.
“Yes,” she said. She was focusing on the floor, studiously avoiding his gaze. Relief nearly overwhelmed him.

“Did you touch your breasts?” Oh god, his cock was throbbing now. As long as she kept looking at the floor she wouldn’t see it.


“Did you like it?” His fists balled to keep from reaching for her.

“Yes. It felt nice.”

“Did you touch your quim?” Gareth wasn’t sure he was going to survive the interrogation.

“My what?” She looked up, confusion in her emerald eyes.

He stepped toward her and reached between her legs to stroke her through her skirt. “Here.”

Her breath hitched at his touch. “Yes.”

“Does it feel good?” He was breathing heavy now as he stayed close to her. She smelled of roses and machine oil.

Her eyes widened and she pressed back against the bench. “Yes. It does.”

“Tell me what that machine is for. The one you took away.” He had seen similar things before. He was pretty sure it was a vibration machine, there was a distinct scent of musk on it. He found it peeking out from under the bed.

When he picked it up he grew hard again. Then she had whisked it away leaving him there to imagine what she might be doing in the lavatory. By the time she came out he was so aroused there was no way he could stop himself from seducing her.

“It vibrates.” She looked away again. She clearly did not want to tell him.

“Do you wear it like trousers? But when you are nude.”


“What a sensual little woman you are.” He took her in his arms and kissed her again.

Her arms slid up around his neck and she melted into him with a whimper. She felt so good pressed against his body. He pulled away from her again and began to unbutton her vest. Kissing her chest until he pushed the garment off her shoulders and found her nipples peeking at him through a veil of gauzy white material.

He flicked his tongue out and caught one erect nipple, caressing it through the fabric. He then settled his mouth over the nub and began suckling gently. Zel’s knees gave out. Gareth lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed. There he pulled her blouse off of her, exposing her flesh. He licked and teased each of her nipples in turn. He could smell the musky scent from the machine. It was making him crazed with lust as he pulled her skirt from her body. She lay perfectly naked on the bed. Gareth looked at the curve of her hip, her trim waist, and full breasts.

“You are beautiful. So very beautiful.” He reached out to her and helped her sit up. “Wait here.” Moving around the bed to the armoire, he unerringly reached inside pulling out the machine, and walked back to where Zel sat.

“Will you put this on for me? Show me how it works.”

“I,” she hesitated. Then she nodded and took the apparatus from him. She slipped her legs through the straps and belted the waist. The flap was up as she lay back across the bed. Gareth sat down on the stool and watched her as she lowered the flap and turned the machine on.

“Show me how you touch yourself,” he urged.

Zel raised her hands to her breasts and took each nipple between thumb and forefinger, rolling and pulling on them. Their eyes met and held as she began writhing on the bed. He watched her release one nipple to reach down and begin to pulse the flap against her clit. She was moaning as her hips bucked.

Her pussy was so wet he thought he could drown in her. Then she came. Her body arched up off the bed, contracting as her release burst over her. Gareth was so hard he thought he might explode right there without having ever slipped his rod inside of her. She was so sensual and beautiful. He rose up to remove his clothing. She lay panting, her body lax with release. Gareth unbuckled the machine and slid it down her legs. He then placed his cock at her entrance. She looked up, a question in her eyes.

“It will hurt for a moment, and then it won’t.” He tried to assure her. Leaning over her he kissed her deeply until her arms came up around his neck and then he plunged into her wet sheath with one decisive thrust. She stiffened.  While not a small man, he was not a giant either. He gave her a moment to adjust to his presence.  She began to wiggle a little beneath him, so he moved slowly at first. She began to meet him thrust for thrust. He increased the pace.

She moaned as he leaned down to take a nipple in his mouth. With a wet pop he released it, the pace increasing dramatically. Her orgasm rippled through her, the spasms clutching and releasing him. Thrusting once more, he sheathed himself to the hilt and exploded inside of her. Balancing over her, he slipped his arms around her and rolled onto his back, taking her with him. His shaft was still inside of her growing soft.


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