Comfort Zones…

I was reading a transcript of a workshop on writing erotic romance, and specifically dealing with BDSM. A very interesting comment was made about growth as a writer and your comfort zone.

I really liked the presenter’s comment that they could have never written their latest book back when they started writing. It just would have been too uncomfortable. It made me think about my evolution as a writer.

I started out reading romance. I found Thea Devine and others like her. Then last year I discovered Maya Banks, Crystal Jordan, and a number of other erotic romance writers. I had my eyes opened to something I enjoyed reading but also found titillating…exciting. Not in my usual wheel house.

I could never have imagined writing it then, but now I have made the leap and am loving it! So I am wondering about readers. How did you discover erotic romance and then did you make a leap from the more tame books to the kinkier? What drove that?