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A little about the excerpt I am posting. This is a new novella I just wrote (hopefully the first of three in a series). It still needs to be polished and edited, but I love the scenario. The hero and heroine are both customers of The Market, a Victorian brothel in London. It is the late 1880’s and Sir is a peer of the realm, while Kat is a young widow. Customers of The Market pay a lot of money to have their sexual fantasies and desires met in relative anonymity. They wear a leather half mask that allows them to indulge while hiding their identities to avoid those awkward social moments. Occasional partners, Sir has recently contracted with Kat to have her serve only his needs and this is their first encounter under their new arrangement.

Feel free to comment or critique, I am always open to dialogue about my writing.


Heath, or Sir as he was called at The Market, paced his chamber as though it were a cage at the zoo, and he a tiger. He was restless. Eager to claim his prize and deal with her little display of independence. He probably terrified the poor maid that had come to tell him the lady would be another ten minutes; but he was having none of her nonsense. He would get to the bottom of her little game right off the bat and correct any such silly notions she had of asserting herself in the future. That was not how this arrangement was going to play out.
Two taps on the hall door let him know Kat was ready. He took a deep breath, check the tie on his robe, and entered the room. There, just as he had envisioned, she lay on the bed. Restrained. Her body swathed in black and purple silks. Her arms raised over her head causing her breasts to lift and pull together, plumping them for him. Her nipples were erect, straining against the air. Her hair cascaded down her back and across the pillow behind her, a river of chocolate silk.  She was as beautiful in that moment as he had ever seen her.

He took a slow breath to steady himself. The tie of his robe released with a smooth tug, and easily joined her’s on the chair by the fire. The weight of her eyes rested on him as they followed his every move. Deliberately, he paused in profile, so she would know exactly what was coming. His throbbing erection jutted from his body in a near vertical position. Honestly, it had been a long time since he had been this turned on. Since he had allowed his need to control to rule him so completely. He approached the bed and stood over her.

He watched her stare at his cock and lick her lips in anticipation.

“Kat.” His voice came out husky, as though rusted from disuse. “Why is it you felt compelled to make me wait when you knew I was here and ready? This is not how we should be starting this arrangement.”

I- I wanted to know, to see what your reaction would be.” She met his eyes, hers teamed with desire, hope, submission, and perhaps even a tinge of fear. All healthy reactions, promising reactions.

“You will of course be punished,” he paused. “When I am ready.” Her eyes lit up with his pronouncement. Yes, Kat was exactly the woman he needed in his bed. She fit him, was a perfect foil for him. For his needs. For his emotions? No. He must be caught up in the moment.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Not when you are, and clearly you are.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He sat down next to her on the bed and began to caress the outer edge of one breast. “It was good of you to tell me the truth, Kat. You must always tell me the truth, just as I will always tell you the truth. Do you understand?”

“I will always be honest with you Sir.” The truth of her vow rang through her words and warmed him.

“Good. Now, I want to know what you have experienced or might like to experience within the confines of our arrangement.” his hand continued to stroke her breast, slowly moving toward the nipple.

“Spanking, but not flogging. I shouldn’t like that.” She glanced up at her wrists, “I think I like this. Yes, I like this quite a lot. I also like to watch, I would like for us to watch another couple…” She gasped and arched up when he took her nipple between two fingers and rolled it.

He groaned and then kissed her. His tongue plunged into her mouth, seeking. Ravaging. Claiming. He broke the kiss, lowered his mouth to her free nipple, and continued to roll the other between his fingers.  He bit gently on the distended nub and felt her skin ripple in response. Responsive. That was what she was. With a silent groan he left her nipples and moved down her body, crawling between her thighs. He parted her folds and watched as her juices continued to flow over her pink center. He wanted to bury his tongue in her. No, needed to. He had been craving her for days.


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