Hotties of the Week – Installment 4

So I tweeted about him earlier this week, and I am so still on that tip! I give you…Andy Whitfield. *Dreamy Sigh*

Hello, I’d like you to meet Andy.

This is him in the movie Gabriel, where I discovered his complete hawtness.

Him again in Gabriel…love the eyes here. Wow.

Then I discovered he was in the cable series Spartacus…behold!

Yeah, he’s hot. Diaper and all. (*snicker*)

One last look ladies…still hot! ;D

So what do you all think? Is Andy a hottie or what? Personally, I see myself featuring him as the manspiration in one of my next novellas!

A few other notes of interest. First, I promise later this week there will be a post with more than just hot guys in it. I do actually have something to say. Second, next week look for my Excerpt Monday post. It will be my first, so I hope you all come by and take a peek at what I am working on.  I promise it will be worth it. 😀

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